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Get to know Kari

Business & Personal Development Strategist

As an African American woman who grew up in a single parent household, I was faced with many issues. Poverty, low self- esteem, self-doubt, needing to be accepted, anger are just a few things I faced. As I grew in life so did my relationship with God. I was able to overcome all the things that were against me to keep me in bondage. I decided to take control over my life and shatter those limiting beliefs that kept me from pursuing my destiny. I am a woman redefined. A Woman of Radiance, Ambition, Glamour, & Education who is determined and passionate about transforming the minds of other women who are pursuing their God given destiny. Shifting the paradigm of women giving them the tools they need to take their power back, transforming their mindset to boldly walk in the role of true leadership while break the chains of poverty in their lives. 

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