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Kari Speaks

Speaker & Educator

As a keynote speaker & educator she delivers a transformational message filled with power that will shift your paradigm, improve your life & impact your community. She speaks for the African American business owners who knows there is greatness on the inside of them but lacks the knowledge & confidence to push forward. She believes that when the paradigm begins to shift this is when we will get rid of those limiting beliefs that hinder us, opens our minds to gain knowledge, believing in yourself, understanding faith, and pursue a life of purpose then that's when we become powerful and unstoppable. She revives the stolen passion from deep within giving you the knowledge and tools needed to break the chains of poverty so that we can and will pursue a life of purpose and prosperity.  No matter what you have been through, who doesn't believe or supports you, you will win because you are victorious!!


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Womens Empowerment 


If you are looking for a transformational message for your audience that will shift their paradigm, improve their overall life and business giving them the keys to unlock that next level then you are in the right place. They will recognize their power, boldly own their greatness while confronting their limiting beliefs. They will leave challenged, inspired, motivated, and confident. Women were created in a very unique manor with a special purpose but along our journey of "BECOMING" some life situations may have made us forget who we are so I'm here to remind us just who we are. With love, compassion, strength, and confidence Kari is ready to make an impact in the lives of women all over the world. 

Health & Wellness

As a woman it's important that we understand how to care for our bodies. As a Certified Trichologist I have witnessed several African American women enter the salon with hair loss and want answers. Women have so many contributing factors to hair loss. Start with healing the internal body is top priority and the first step to healing our body. If you are looking for a health and wellness speaker for your women's empowerment event look no further. I educate women from a place of knowledge and experience leaving them educated, empowered, and motivated to live healthy while being beautiful.


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